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My feels on the himym finale.

Seriously, I must be the only person who LOVED the himym finale. Maybe that's because I'm the one who truly understands it?
How I met your mother's message all along has been that sometimes life doesn't go the way you want it to and even though you try so hard to find that perfect someone under the yellow umbrella it can never really go the way you planned but it also teaches us that an ending is never truly an ending but the start of something new and great, perhaps better than anything you ever dreamed of. And, that's why I loved the himym ending because from beginning to the end it never stops giving us this message and the message this time becomes a deeper message which goes beyond the sitcom itself. It actually gave us, as the audience, enlightenment. The ending didn't go the way we wanted it and I'm sure many of us are annoyed but whenever anything 'wrong' happens to us but that doesn't mean we should dwell on it.
Ted shows us that if we look and look and look we will never find our true love, we will look past who our real true love is. I'm not saying the death of the mother was good but throughout it all robin was his real love.
Not the ending we expected/wanted but perhaps the ending we needed.
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